Schweitz & Lee specializes in patent searches in Korean for international patent invalidations and other purposes, as well as technology focused market intelligence for the South Korean market place. 

Service offers presented on these pages can be regarded as a baseline for how we can assist you. We are open to discussing your business' particular research needs, and to tailor our services accordingly.

Patent Research

We perform patent invalidation searches, freedom-to-operate (due diligence) searches and pre-filing (novelty) searches in Korean patent and non-patent literature databases. We also perform international patent searches with the unique value of being able to provide you with preliminary results in the morning of your next workday. In addition, we are able to provide you with a highly qualified pre-filing opinion on patentability, giving you the option to draft stronger applications, which is more in line with requirements of patent authorities and with less risk of refusal or grant of weak or narrow patents.

Competitive Intelligence

In addition to being trained patent researchers, all our research staff have substantial professional experience from their earlier careers as engineers, post graduate researchers and technical consultants. Highly skilled at seeking out and analyzing information regarding South Korean business activities and technology initiatives, our researchers help you by finding the background information that you need to make informed decisions on infringement action, market positioning, and strategic R&D initiatives. 

Subscription Services

For continuous monitoring of the competitive landscape, we offer a number of subscription based services. Depending on your monitoring needs, we update you with the latest developments on a biweekly, monthly or bimonthly basis. Subscription based services are comprised of an initial research report, giving you a thorough situational overview, and subsequent updates according to the agreed schedule to provide you with highlights of new developments.