Patent invalidation search

Has your company been threatened with an infringement lawsuit, or do you need to prepare for being able to invalidate a patent that blocks your planned commercial activities? We perform patent searches in Korean language publication databases, giving you another chance to discover the evidence that you need for neutralizing unjust claims of your competitors.

Korean language search to the rescue

To invalidate an allegedly infringed patent, you need to find a timely publication, published anywhere and in any language, of a description matching that of the patent claim. This is your best chance to show that the patent was wrongly granted and should be revoked. 

Whether you have already made an international search or not, Korean patents and non patent literature have most likely not been part of your patent counsel's research. In fact, Korean language literature is an underutilized resource, containing large numbers of publications of state of the art technologies. We search Korean language publication databases with a focus and dedication that is difficult for patent attorneys and law firms to match.