Pre-filing / novelty search

A pre-filing search is aimed at finding state-of-the-art that closely resembles a patent application that you are about to file. An advance search gives you the opportunity to amend an application which might otherwise have stood virtually no chance of passing patent office examination, or even worse, might have been granted by mistake, only to be revoked the first time you try to enforce it. We offer a thorough patent search in Korean databases, for the case that you have already searched elsewhere, or a comprehensive overview search in international databases.

Make your intellectual investment count

When examining your patent application, the patent office makes a search which is very similar to the one we make, but normally this takes place long after you file the application and gives you very limited options for remedy of mistakes or unnecessary limitations. The results of a thorough pre-filing search will give you better confidence in the uniqueness of your product, or give you the options to redefine your patent application, move to preempt competitors technology updates by casting a wider patent blanket, or redirect your product development towards less crowded technologies. This is a proactive and comparatively inexpensive step which can serve to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your business' technology and patent portfolio.