International overnight patent search

Do you need to quickly file a patent application ahead of a customer meeting or trade show? Or rapidly come up with evidence in the face of a cease and desist order? Our time-difference with Europe and the United States gives us the unique opportunity to have your patent search or patentability opinion completed in virtually no time.

Fast track search and opinion

Thanks to our location in South Korea, we are able to use the time-difference with Europe and America to our advantage and perform a full work day's worth of research and analysis from your afternoon until you find yourself back at your office the next morning. By this time, we will have a finalized an overview report based on international patent database search, and optionally also a preliminary examination with regards to novelty, inventive step, clarity and disclosure. Use our service to assess the strength of your application, ensuring that it is not a piece of haste work which may otherwise be useless for protecting your intellectual property. Important!: Please call us in order to come to an agreement on the terms and to make sure that our workload allows us to take your work request. Work requests which have not been acknowledged by us in writing (email or fax) will not be fulfilled.