Infringement watch

Is it your objective to proactively protect a high value brand or product? We scan local producers and markets on an ongoing basis, for signs of infringing activities. Additionally, we can support you with local evidence collection to prepare for legal action. This service is performed on an ongoing basis with the purpose of catching suspicious activities early on.

Prevent the preventable

In many areas of industry, South Korea is still a cost sensitive market. For this reason alone, it is critically important to deal with infringement cases efficiently and early on in order to prevent market destruction by low quality copycat brands. As many Western businesses have found out the hard way, successful local infringers also have a tendency to grow increasingly resourceful, eventually being able to threaten the home market. We assist you in collecting evidence of suspected trademark, design or patent infringement. As engineers and patent researchers, and with access to qualified service engineers, we are additionally able to give a detailed opinion on whether a presumed infringing product actually does encroach on your intellectual property.