Freedom-to-operate search

Are you about to launch a new product or set up production in South Korea? A freedom-to-operate search, or due diligence search, will help you to identify threats to your plans at an early stage, giving you the choice to redefine your project strategy if necessary.

Keeping your leverage

A freedom-to-operate patent search is aimed at locating patents and pending patent applications that might interfere with the export of your product or production method. Only valid or pending patents can limit your freedom to conduct business, and only these types of documents will be reported in a freedom-to-operate search.

What a freedom-to-operate search can do for your Korea related business:

  • Allow for a more accurate, risk weighted evaluation of business opportunities.
  • Provide you with information necessary to beef up your own patent portfolio for leverage in future licensing negociations.
  • Prompt early reallocation of resourses to less risky projects as a result of finding a minefield of blocking patents.
  • Give you better leverage in licensing deals by allowing you to initiate negotiations before committing further resources.
  • Guide your development efforts to fill a gap in the market.
  • Move for invalidation proceedings of a competitor's patent ahead of committing resources to a potentially risky project.
  • Allow you to reject claims of infringement based on good prior art found in an optional background search.

Optionally, we can include a search for expired, withdrawn or refused patents and applications, as well as other relevant technical publications such as research reports and whitepapers. Relevant documents found in this extra search can help you to defend against infringement claims, and help to properly evaluate the threat of any potentially blocking patents.