The team

Our research team consists of engineers, intellectual property experts and former patent examiners, all with extensive industrial experience and thorough training in intellectual property research. With Korean researchers, international management, and patent search and evaluation procedures modeled after those of the European Patent Office, it is Schweitz & Lee's vision to offer a convenient, professional and cost effective interface to Korean intellectual property research and industry intelligence.

International team

Having worked as a patent examiner with the European Patent Office for nearly a decade, Schweitz & Lee founder and managing director, Michael Schweitz, has accumulated a wealth of experience in patent application processing, including patent and technology research, patent examination and opposition proceedings. In setting up Schweitz & Lee as an independent research agency, Michael has applied this knowledge to the implementation of our training programs, search and reporting procedures.

Based in South Korea since 2008, Michael was joined by Andy Lee in 2010, when the two partners set about creating a research agency with a vision to offer Korean language intellectual property and technology research.

Between themselves, our researchers command a wide variety of technical fields. In our clients' best interest however, we do reserve the right to turn down work requests where we deem ourselves to lack the required technical expertise. Currently, we are unfortunately not in a position to accept requests for patent searches in the fields of chemistry and pharmaceuticals.